Do you ever get overwhelmed when you’re at the grocery story, trying to figure out which foods are healthy and which foods aren’t healthy?

Here’s a rule of thumb that has helped me make healthy choices at the grocery story: Stay on the Perimeter.

If you think about it, the perimeter of the grocery store is where most of the healthy foods are found. On the perimeter, you will find the fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the healthy meats ( it’s always best to have the butcher cut your meat). In general, it’s best to stick with those options for most of your food intake.

Venture into the aisles, however, and you can run into trouble. Up and down the aisles, you will find the processed foods, breads, sodas, chips, frozen dinners, and ice cream. It’s basically a huge danger zone with food bombs everywhere. In general, it’s best to limit these options (or just avoid them completely).

Next time you are at the grocery store, do an experiment. Take your cart, and just shop on the perimeter of the grocery story. Don’t even walk down any of the aisles. My prediction is that if you do this, you will end up making healthy food choices automatically.

Lastly, just before you place your items on the conveyor belt to pay for your items take last glance and ask yourself, is everything here in this cart going to nourish me and make me healthier? If not, then take those items out.