When it comes to saving lives during birth, western medicine has long been credited for increasing mortality of both mothers and babies. In fact, it is often stated that western medicine’s greatest accomplishment is that of child birth specific procedures. Apparently, however, there is much more than meets the eye. A recent article in the NYTimes has many people questioning if the United States has been overly reckless when it comes to infant mortality.

In 2014, more than 23,000 infants died within their very first year of life. That’s six infants per every 10,000 born. The CDC itself has admitted that the US is a fledgling country when it comes to infant mortality, compared to other industrialized nations.

What’s interesting is that these failures aren’t a result of faulty prenatal care. And this has many in the medical community bewildered. Some of the theories point to the ages of women having children (sub-20 and post-40). This leads many to consider age-related risk. Premature birth is always a heavy contributor. But what about the unstated reasons? In other words, the reasons and places which we fail to look, or conveniently turn a blind eye.

Vaccines: Let’s not just think in terms of babies getting injured from upwards of 16 vaccines, but let us also remember that the United States pushes for pregnant mothers to get vaccine shots. Babies, still in the womb, are ingesting toxic chemicals.

Many pregnant women remain on antidepressants during pregnancy, which can cause a plethora of devastating side effects. Death? Why not?

glyphosate and GMOs have increased substantially in our diets along the same timeline that the United States has become a failed infant mortality country.

So then why aren’t these issues being looked into? Well, Pharma is two and a half reasons. Pharma needs vaccines and antidepressants to keep flying off the shelves. They consistently increase their demographic size by including pregnant women into the recommended vaccine charts. Many women who get pregnant are mentally and physically addicted to antidepressants.

I said, “half,” didn’t I? Well, Monsanto is the other reason, considering they own the United States food shelves. Bayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, is attempting to buy them (hence, “half”).

So here we sit, supposedly one of the most innovative and modern countries in the world, completely failing our mothers and babies, all the while just shoving our heads in the sand.


Truth Kings