Want to know the #1 thing that the most successful doctors and successful people in the world all have in common? Why some businesses succeed while others fail?

The answer is simple: Winners take massive action. The kind of action that most people are not willing to take to get the job done.

The kind of action that will send electric sensations shooting down your spine.

The kind of action that keeps you up at night till two am writing a blog post that expresses your true thoughts on a subject.

The kind of action that says you will do whatever it takes to “get in front” of as many people in your community to share story about your profession.

The kind of action that says “I am dead tired after working 11 hours today but I am hell bent on getting in the best shape of my life so I am going to the gym tonight.”

This past weekend I spoke at a Chiropractic event called ChiroSushi Summit. I shared the stage with some of the brightest minds in all the entrepreneurial world.


As my plane took off leaving the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip in the rear view I reflected on what was the ‘one thing’ that I hope individuals got from my talk.

That ‘one thing’ is for you as a doctor, entrepreneur, or parent to win in this life is that you must take massive and consistent action!

We live in a hyper connected world where anyone can literally connect at any time, given the medium.

We can send an email screaming around the world in two seconds. We can pull out an Iphone and create video, audio note or micro tweet to broadcast to the world.

But people sit complacent and complain about what they are “going to do” or are “planning to do”.

Enough already…. just do it!

We live in a world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and blogs. If you are not connecting with your audience every day in multiple ways then you are not taking the massive action needed to win.

I came across a post on what taking massive action is all about and thought I would share with you.


What it Means to Take Massive Action

To take massive action means doing far more than the average person would do under the same or similar conditions. In fact, it means to go further than anyone would typically expect of you or of anyone else.

Taking massive action means making your goal your duty, obligation and responsibility. It means taking full ownership of your problems, mistakes and failures and doing something about them.

Taking massive action is not a one time thing. It’s an all the time thing!

It’s something that you must do consistently and persistently with progressively increased levels of activity, desire and effort to help you distinguish yourself from others, while building the momentum you need to achieve your goal.

To take massive action means constantly expecting more from yourself in every situation, which effectively means raising your personal standards and expectations by setting challenging and possibly at times unrealistic goals that are aligned with your life’s purpose and vision.

The idea of taking massive action essentially comes down to two key factors.

The Dreams and the Dirt

The first comes through your ability to think big about your goals (your dreams) and about the objectives you would like to achieve. Big thinking is of course something that many people do very well, however they don’t get very far because they are missing the second piece of this puzzle (the dirt), which is: Having the ability to follow through with these thoughts.

Anyone can think big, but it takes a special effort to follow through with these actions in order to bring a goal into reality.

Time Take Massive Action

On the surface there is nothing difficult about taking massive action. It’s about working on the most important things in a focused and concentrated way over an extended period of time.

What are you going to do today, tomorrow and this week to take Massive Action?