As most of you know I am against vaccinations and subjecting ourselves and children to unnecessary medications.  It is my personal belief and the philosophy of the Chiropractic profession that the body has the ability to fight off diseases and heal itself from within. The Chiropractor’s role is to restore movement in the body, usually via the spine, and allow the nervous system to work most efficiently to heal.

Sharing those same philosophical ideals is a movie that was recently released by Jeff Hays Films called Bought.

What is the Bought Movie?

Nationwide in today’s Wall Street Journal is a full page ad that will most definitively turn some heads.  What is it you may ask?

According to the films producer Jeff Hays “You’re about to see is how Wall Street has literally “BOUGHT” your and your family’s health.”

The food, vaccine, drug, insurance and health industry are a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives. The BOUGHT documentary takes viewers deep “inside the guts” of this despicable conspiracy…

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health… Bought exposes the hidden (and deadly) story behind it all.

According to, “The new documentary Bought dives deeply into the inner workings of the industries at the core of our food and healthcare system, exploring the truth about how vaccines and drugs are developed and rushed to market and the ongoing secrecy behind the genetic engineering of our food supply.

Filmmaker Jeff Hays believes that you have a right to the truth so that you can make educated decisions about your health, food, and medicine. Unfortunately, the truth is not easy to come by today.

Like the banks, the food and drug industries have grown more powerful and less transparent over time, and profit has become the primary motive. Hays may be best known for his 2012 documentary “Doctored,” which exposes how the medical and drug industry conspire to control the health care system.

Hays’ new film peels back the layers to show how the drug, vaccine, and chemical technology industries have joined forces as one supervillain, with its “undisclosed location” smack-dab in the middle of the White House.

You can’t effectively address one industry without addressing them all, as they are now inextricably linked. Until enough people raise their voices, nothing is likely to change. According to Hays:1

“From opiates, to statins, to a blizzard of psychotropic medications that do far more harm than good, the film covers how our entire health care system, from education to practice has been Bought… three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.”

The hidden story about vaccines, drugs and food… Three huge topics in one film. Why put all this in one movie? Because these issues are directly related, and we have an opportunity to harness the millions of us engaged in each of them to overcome the noise put out by the medical-industrial conglomerate. You peel back the layers and see what’s really driving our industrialized food, our vaccine expansion, and our dependence on pharmaceuticals – it’s the same culprit. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, but this story takes us beyond the problem to the inspiring and empowering role mothers are now taking in uniting to protect their families.

Here are some reaction to the movie:

The Fearless Parent says that “This is the movie that you will tell your family and friends: “OK, just 90 minutes and I won’t say another word.”

“Do yourself a favor and watch this film.  Then get everyone you know to watch it too”- ThinkingMomsRevolution


And about that advertisement in the Wall Street Journal…. the real question is, have you been Bought or what are you willing to do about it?

Go Watch the Documentary Now



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