#DailyChiro 002: Hiking and Sledding Iron Mountain 2017


This past week I was in Park City, Utah for my annual ‘partners meeting’ for Circle of Docs and #Revealed.

Yes, we did spend three full days in ‘bunker mentality’ laying out the next 12-18 months for us to get to work and impact the world, but we also had a chance to have some fun.

The night before this video we took one of our partners, Jeff Hays, out to dinner for his 59th birthday; dude, doesn’t look a day over 35 *wink*, and he says┬áto us, “tomorrow morning we have to go hiking and sledding… its an ‘easy’ 45 min hike up to the top.”

So, what you are witnessing is just that!

Hello to lungs screaming at 7,500 feet and laughing as we fly down the front side of Iron Mountain.