The goal for my blog is simple:  Give you all the tools, tips and resources needed for you to live the life of your dreams!

I thrive on creating significance!

Here’s How DoctorBeau.com will help you get ahead in Life.

As was once said by a famous man, “There exists a void between what science knows, and what reality then creates.” I am here to bridge that void.


Here’s the deal:

I believe that smart families that want to win in today’s overcrowded and overwhelming world MUST become masters at balancing their health, fitness, nutrition, and all the while maintaining an engaging lifestyle.

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”…

…subscribe to DoctorBeau.com (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from best-selling authors, world-renowned academic researchers, doctors, and of course, me, Doctor Beau.

And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works and how you can start applying it for your family and life.

All because I have an understanding and the education for breaking down academic research, case studies, and everyday human interactions into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.


Introducing DoctorBeau.com

DoctorBeau.com is a thriving (and fast growing) community of health conscious families who want to become more… more successful… more productive… more loving… MORE.

Once started as a “place online” for my patients and friends to read my latest works and articles that I found interesting, has now lead to a community of people who seek out to live the healthiest and happiest life of their dreams.

There are three main features of DoctorBeau.com. There’s the Blog, the Podcast, and the my Vlog. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to all three PLUS exclusive “email only” material (I like top treat my email subscribers the best).

Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

The Blog, is where you’ll get proven tactics that you can use within yours and your family lives. Some advice is about health, some about life strategies and some on some of my favorite tips that I use to get through the day with kids.

The Podcast (#AskDoctorBeau) , is where I feature a topic each week and discuss the in’s and out’s and how to negotiate through life. The topics range from how to live an active lifestyle, how to advice on certain ailments, and inside strategies I use within my family.

My Vlog- are short 3 to 10 minute videos where I’ll share a simple tactic or strategy you can use to get results TODAY. Past videos are about “Fixing the Pain in Your Butt,” “What a Sunday Morning Workout at my house look like ,” and more. Subscribe over at my Youtube Channel.  I also love to post Q & A questions from time to time.

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